What Our Clients Say

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Not only do they love God and understand that He’s given us this money as a steward—it’s all His—but also, practically, they give you a ton of information… If you reach out to Will and Mike, you’re going to get an answer. They do their best to serve you and put you first. For me, it’s really easy to recommend Sovereign Financial, just [based] on how they care and how they understand that what they are working with is all God’s.

– David Sullivan

We could not be happier with the Sovereign Financial Group! Their expertise, professionalism, and genuine interest in their client’s successes are paramount. Not only are you treated with respect, you’re treated like family. They truly have your best interests at heart – financially, logistically, and emotionally. They listen and help you to achieve your financial planning goals. Highly recommended.

- Victor Lester

It’s a cool company that actually Biblically screens your investments to make sure that you are investing in God-honoring businesses, so that you’re not investing in things that would bring dishonor to the Lord. [They’re] really good dudes that you can trust. They’re going to look out for your best interests.

– Dr. Gabe O’Sullivan

Mike and Will are not just knowledgeable and easy to work with. What I have been the most impressed with is the trust and confidence I feel as we work together. I have no doubt that they keep my best interest at the forefront of all they do to help me maintain financial security. From the beginning of my working with them, I was amazed at how much time they took to get to know me, to understand my goals and to gain a sense of my comfort level with various financial options. Even in these times of ups and downs, their continual communications keep me at ease and completely satisfied that I turned to them several years ago.

- Lenna Young

We hardly ever heard from [our previous provider]. We had to pull teeth to even get an appointment with them… We were definitely looking for someone more personable. I’m impressed with the fact that [Mike] and Will want to have a Kingdom focus and glorify God in what [they] do.

– Carole Walters

Mike and Will are both men of integrity and principles, but they’re also easy to talk to. Sometimes I feel like I need an interpreter for “financial-ese”, but they are great about explaining everything so we can understand it. But probably the most important things is that I KNOW I can trust them with my money and my family’s future. I highly recommend giving them a call!

- Scott Duke