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Your values inspire the way you live. Shouldn’t they also inspire the way you invest?

Many financial advisors can help you reach your long-term financial goals, but what if you are just as interested in the how as the how much? At Sovereign Private Wealth, we help consider both—how and where to invest your money so it aligns with your values and how much you need for the future you want.

Our Services

We serve our clients as fee-only, independent fiduciaries. This means we do not charge commissions and we do not receive incentives for the investments we recommend.

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Financial Planning

Without a workable financial plan, you may unintentionally spend years earning money without strengthening your long-term financial health. Through our financial planning services, each of us comes alongside you as a sounding board and accountability partner to navigate the complexities of financial decision-making throughout all stages of life.

You can expect us to ask: “What is most important to you?” And, “How can your financial resources be optimized so you can focus more on that?”

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Our team will meet with you to learn about your financial style and personal beliefs surrounding money. Once we are familiar with your financial picture, we’ll put together a plan tailored to meet your goals. Once this plan is in place, we’ll actively monitor all its components and schedule regular check-ins to stay on top of your evolving goals and circumstances.

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Investment Management

With all of the investment vehicles available today, it is easy to unknowingly invest in companies whose products or practices conflict with your personal values. We take a unique approach that helps you identify what you value most and align your investments to match.

You can expect us to ask: “How would you like to invest the resources you have been entrusted with?” And, “What are your long-term goals towards your life’s bigger purpose?”

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Like our financial planning services, our team will meet with you to learn about your values and tolerance for risk. Once we know you better, we’ll put together an investment plan made for you. Then, we’ll actively monitor all its components and schedule regular check-ins to remain steps ahead as life unfolds.

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Retirement Planning

You might think of retirement as the end of an era and structure your retirement plans as such. We encourage you to look at your retirement as a beginning—a threshold into a different stage of life, with all its possibilities!

You can expect us to ask: “What do you envision for your life after retirement?” And, “What things will bring purpose and fulfillment into this phase of your life?”

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As you approach retirement, each stage may have different goals and strategies. We can help!

Pre-Retirees (Typical Age: 50-65)
We will focus on saving and investing for retirement and help you sort through competing financial priorities, such as college expenses for children or caring for aging parents.

Retirees (Typical Age: 62-75)
We will provide counsel on structuring your assets and investments in a way that provides the necessary income to you while also being mindful of the many risks that retirees face, such as changes in health, market volatility, the need for long-term care planning, and managing taxes.

Mature (Typical Age: 75+)
We will guide you through decisions about capital preservation, income generation, end-of-life care, and family legacy.

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Tax Strategy & Planning

Taxes are complex, and there are a multitude of strategies available to ensure you’re not overpaying the government. We will work to identify any tax reduction or tax avoidance strategies that may benefit you as part of your comprehensive financial plan.

You can expect us to ask: “Have you put a plan in place to minimize your lifetime tax bill?”

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Our goal is to make you aware of tax-saving opportunities, then work alongside your CPA or tax preparer to ensure that the strategy of choice is the best fit for your circumstances.

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Family Office

Many high-net-worth families feel as if they’ve outgrown their financial advisor but aren’t quite ready to commit to a full-fledged family office. Our services are designed to meet you right where you are. Led by your very own fractional Family CFO, our suite of family office services is entirely customizable for your unique needs.

Services include: Individualized portfolio implementation & monitoring, innovative investment strategies, tax planning & projections, trust & estate planning, asset protection, family business planning & risk management, family governance & education, and more.

Additional Services

While serving individuals and families is our primary focus, we have work with businesses, churches, ministries, endowments, and other clients who share our commitment to values-based investing.

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Businesses, Churches, and Ministries

401(k) and 403(b) plan sponsors who want to make a difference in and through the lives of their employees.

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Endowments & Foundations

Legacy-minded organizations that desire a values-aligned partner who will help them accomplish their mission.

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Want an audit of your current portfolio?

Most investments are in pooled products such as Mutual Funds and ETFs which hold many companies. Many of these companies are profiting from or supporting activities such as abortion, pornography, addictive lifestyles, human rights abuses, and predatory lending.

We can help you identify if you own companies that are profiting from these activities.

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