OneAscent Market Update: Q3 2022

Jul 21, 2022 | Investment Management, Video Webinars

We recently held our Quarterly Market Update Webinar. Watch the first video to hear from a member of the OneAscent Investment Committee on current portfolio positioning and performance. Watch the second video to receive market updates and commentary from featured speaker, Dolores Bamford, Co-Chief Investment Officer and Senior Portfolio Manager at Eventide.

Featured speakers:

Dolores Bamford,
Co-CIO & Senior Portfolio Manager – Eventide

Cole Pearson,
President of Investment Solutions, OneAscent

Nathan Willis,
Director of Portfolio Strategy

Past performance may not be representative of future results.  All investments are subject to loss.  Forecasts regarding the market or economy are subject to a wide range of possible outcomes.  The views presented in this market update may prove to be inaccurate for a variety of factors.  These views are as of the date listed above and are subject to change based on changes in fundamental economic or market-related data.  Please contact your Financial Advisor in order to complete an updated risk assessment to ensure that your investment allocation is appropriate.